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You are on here to find a good server to play on, maybe with friends, maybe to make friends. This ones actually a proper server with a proper website and forums. 83% of players who first joined BLVCKSCVLE (Pronounced black scale (Some people actualy got this wrong) ) WILL ENJOY it. That means that 17% of people have a mental disorder - do you? If not join, if yes, join anyway, be the 83% of the 17% who enjoyed the server. Why do we even use the word server? You think this is here to serve you? - ITS NOT, You do something on here others don't like - you're out, you are not special.
Guess what, there are admins on here - WHAT A SURPRISE! Someone to look after some faggy 4 year old griefers. These people are: Mingpro, pizz11, TheTeddyBearKing, Aetherboss and jjhoot3.
We have rules. This isn't one of those server who say NO RULES to have griefers stay away. The rules are actually quite basic, so I'm not going to state them, i assume you know what basic Minecraft rules are.
Next on the description menu of the server: Plugins. Just type /pl on the server. I don't have time to write this down for you - you really are not importany to us.
Website - here is where you COMMUNICATE with others. Any post, people will reply, don't worry. Some other people will also make posts, if you consider yourself a part of the community, you should show that and reply.
Now, the actual gameplay on the server: This is survival, people will try to kill you and grief you, protect yourself and escape the grief ring (This is the area in which griefers are active, usually around spawn) or you can decide to buy land. You can find out how by either going on the website or joining the server and asking others. You will not be using crappy invisible money, you will be using the iron you mine/steal/get by selling some basic materials at the store.
The website is listed and the address can be found up top, I do not need to repeat them or shove them in your face.
If you actually read the whole thing, you might actually make a good addition.

Server Hardware: 1.5Gb RAM

Plugins: Chairs, SignColorz, NoCheatPlus, WorldEdit, AutoBroadcast, NBTEditor, HeadShop, Lockette, ClearLag, PermissionsEx, HolographicDisplays, Gringotts, Admin Chat, Prism, WorldGuard, Essentials, EssentialsProtect, EssentialsSpawn, Vault, EssentialsChat, CustomJoinMessage, EssentialsAntiBuild, Landlord, SignShop

Owner/Admins/Moderators: pizz11, Mingpro, Aetherboss, jjhoot3, TheTeddyBearKing

Pictures/Videos URL:

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