This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Dusk Realm PvP


Made by experienced PvPers and Admins to deliver the best Clan Anarchy experience today. Press every advantage and give none back because in Dusk Realm, it’s do or die. Raid your opponent’s bases, grief the enemy to the nether and back, and claw your way to the top! Form your own Clan and compete for real in-game rewards and glory.

General Highlights
-32Gb Ram Dedicated Server with absolutely ZERO server-side lag
-Powerful Anti-X-ray, so your hard work never falls to cheaters
-Votifier enabled, with rewards on par with donation packages
-Rapid version updates so you won’t be left waiting
-$1.00 Donation shop for players to custom-build their own packages
-Regular, staff-hosted events through the Dusk Realm Forum


  • Our world border is 5000 blocks in all directions from spawn
  • Ender Chests are disabled because raids should be as rewarding as they are devastating
  • Players drop 5% of their cash on the ground when killed
  • Player can drop their heads as well, so you can decorate your hall with trophies
  • Free player shops done right without the expense of IRL cash, huge eyesore shops, or server lag
  • We reward you daily for being active via /kit. Donors receive even greater daily rewards
  • Smelt raid swag back into ore, making it useful again! Damage is taken into account. ex. Smelt a slightly damaged diamond chestplate into 7 diamonds

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