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Welcome to the System, a fun new minigame-ish server with tons of fun included in its tiny little packaging! Thus far, we are running Splegg, SurvivalGames, SpongePvP, BuildMyThing, Survival and Creative on our server! Heres a little description for each game.

Splegg - A fun awesome game from the HiveMC, in which you shoot eggs and break blocks from right under people! Spleef with eggs, basically. We have no intention to copy; in fact, we all love the Hive. The one reason that we are running Splegg is because our entire leadership team is composed of longtime Splegg players.

SurvivalGames: You know you love this classic game! Its on every server, but theres a reason for that. Battle to the death on your favorite maps!

BuildMyThing: Draw My Thing in Minecraft! Inspired by quite a few servers, BuildMyThing gives you a word to build in a canvas pit, while other players try to guess what word it is!

SpongePvP: An entirely original game from The System! Jump into an all-yellow PVP map, with yellow clay, yellow wool and sponges. But plot twist: the sponges bounce! Enjoy this fun twist on PVP, bouncing around the arenas while you do so!

Survival: Starting with a single survival world, but adding more soon! Plain old vanilla survival, except, (same as the rest of the server) sponges are bouncy!

Creative: Creative plot worlds, stake down your plot and build whatever your heart desires!

Our server is very well constructed, with a fun and easy-going staff. (that doesnt mean you can push them around, though!) We include an economy System, and we allow rewards for voting such as $1000 ingame money, or if you vote 100 times, an Emerald (One Year) Premium membership!

We sincerely hope that you guys will enjoy the server as much as we do!

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