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Octavian V4 is a mostly PVP based server where players can survive in the wild, or within a faction. We also have Custom made quests, a Funpark, a creative world and much more! Premium players, which donate money to the server, will gain a plot in spawn town, which is 100% safe from both griefers and those trying to steal from you. This is premium only.

Outside Spawn City/Cathalon, PVP will be enabled. Therefore, the city will be the only safe area, except for a few other official locations, such as the Temple of Gods. Griefing is partially allowed in the wild, but griefing just for the sake of griefing, will not be tolerated. This server will run on HARD MODE, so this is not a place for players looking for a peaceful environment. You may build your house outside the city walls, but it will not be protected if you do. Build your house within a faction, or at least hide it to prevent griefers.

In Cathalon, we will use a plot system, all protected by WorldGuard regions. Every plot has a cost.

Only premium members have access to plots in Cathalon, as said. You can choose between a small plot for a low price, or a bigger plot for a bigger price. It's all your choice!

. All this money goes to keeping the server up, nothing else. Every plot will have a monthly fee. The fees will be listed on signs on the plot, and will be quite cheap. There will also be smaller prices if you buy more months at one time. An example is that Plot B costs 5 dollars a month. If you buy 3 months at once, you will only have to pay 12 dollars, instead of the normal 15, saving 3 dollars! This can all be done trough paypal. If you wish to purchase such a plot, contact KrisEike in-game or on our forums.

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