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Merciless Realms

Intro image

Intro image

Remeber the old days of simple towny? Upset in how we lost those types of servers? Well join Mericless Realms today! Merciless Realms is a new server growing everyday with the old style towny gamemode. Build towns meet players and enjoy a quailty community.

Also with a new release of our pvp arena, you are free to kill any member you like during a duel. Or simply kill a random person who is also in the arena, for the same purpose. Happy pvping!

In those dire situations where you have nothing to do in your town, merciless realms has your back. With a new ranked gamemode called paintball, this allows you guys (or girls) to have a howl new element of pvp. Enjoy.

Merciless has installed a gun plugin that allows anyone on the server to get a gun. However to stop "opness" & add a bit of realness i added a ammo feature that forces everyone to create ammo using iron! See our site to see how.

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