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MedievalFunCraft [Custom Minigames] [Factions] [Cr


Welcome to MedievalCraft !

We've upgraded our server to 1.7.2 - Bukkit Dev. Build.

Which means - at the moment few plugins won't work. i.e mcmmo.

We are a small community - with about 10 active players on server and friendly.

Of course - There is always griefers are so them you just have to deal with, KILL THEM !

The server is a 100 slot. Which fits us pretty good. We don't like massive server with 500 slot. Too crowded this way ( in my personal opinion ).

Quick Rules ( Important Ones )

  • If a player says stop don't grief meh! plxpxlx.. Please listen and respect his/her wishes.

  • Griefing is allowed.

  • Swearing is not allowed.

  • Spamming is not allowed.

  • Buliding around spawn is not allowed.

  • Having sex with horses is not allowed.

  • Any kind of animal-porn / fapping is not allowed.

  • Behave and Respect other players.

  • ENJOY. ( Our most important Rule ! )

  • Don't ask for protection from Admins.

  • Dont ask for any items from Admins unless your irl pet died and need comfort.


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