This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to Eternum-craft


This server was created under the idea that players could make their own way in the world best when left to their own accord. Sometimes it comes in form of theft or betrayal, but it's often the ability to kill. Through your decisions and the decisions of others you will be able to 'win'. The server is constantly growing and has taken suggestions from its players to improve.

Rule Free Environment
Little mod interference
Fight for power through numbers
Everything is fair game (even chests!)
Explosives are enabled
Being cooperative is often the key to survival

Make a faction or join others
Increase power through active PvP in order to take over land!
Bases are fair game, it pays to go remote.
Recruit because there is strength in numbers

Capture the Flag:
two teams compete to capture each others flags
pick a class you desire to PvP with
which ever team with 3 flag captures first win
Winning team is given $500 igm

Free for all (Not Completed yet):
join an arena where every player is for themselves
Choose a class you desire to conquer with
The player with the most kills wins and is rewarded with 20 exp levels

Not necessary but can enchance your fun
Donating you will get perks and items
It also helps the server

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