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Arkipelego Network

Desolation - A game on Arkipelego
Siege Isles - A game on Arkipelego

Arkipelego is a revolutionary server network carving the way forward in unique and dynamic Minecraft gameplay. Every game found on our server is custom coded by our team of coders to provide the most exciting and unique Minecraft games.

The games found on the server are created especially for the network and cannot be found anywhere else! You may read more about the games we currently offer, below:



  • Brand new game-play! Cutting edge game-play elements that have never been touched upon by a Minecraft server before!

  • Expanding Settlements! Buildings can be built with resources and upgraded, just like a first person RTS!

  • Dynamic Sieges! Never before seen movable vehicles, such as catapults, allow you to rain death upon your enemy!

  • Command your troops! Command NPCs to win the battle and bring glory to your settlement!

  • Continual Content Updates! New game-play mechanics, buildings, NPCs and much more released continually, meaning that Siege Isles never gets old!



  • Reactive Spawns! The server spawns in zombies depending on player amount and position, keeping those hordes coming!

  • Merciless Surviving! Not only do you have hordes of zombies chasing after you, but be wary of those hungry players!

  • Custom Items! We have pushed Bukkit to it’s very limits to bring custom items to Minecraft without client-side mods!

  • Expanding Map! As the player-base expands, so does the actual map! This ensures that game-play is kept fresh!

Play these two revolutionary games, and more games currently in works, on the Arkipelego Network!


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