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Because people can't seems to find IP address of the server!
Cut things short: Darkky Minecraft just came back from a 8 months break. But returned with a punch.
Server is 3 years old, had over 10,000 players joined. But now it have to start all over again with new player base!
Faction, town, hunger games, DayZ, Epic bosses everywhere you go, extreme custom rewards that literally everything in the server is customized. Mob arena, jump quests, maze, loads of arenas, guns, extreme ass protection for every player, free condoms, free 2 play and server won't shit down just because we run on free dedicated server permanently. What else can you ask for? We got so many ranks that you can literally promote yourself all the way to OP if you have like 1 billion in game dollars.

As Admin of Darkky Minecraft, I also looked into other competitive servers. But nearly all of the server I have seen are: Donate x amount of money to get more OP functions or items. I even saw some servers that you literally have to spend like 50 dollars just to get extra set homes and just to create a faction. Well, fuck all of that. This server provides everything for free, and gives player much more powers than other servers all unlocked thru playing.

Also Darkky MC is the first and only minecraft server to run on a dual-gaming platform system with another game called MLP RPG. Read more about this on our website!

Just join the server, read shits, then survive and minecrafting like a real boss. We got everyone with every minecraft needs covered!

Feel free to quote us: “We are here for 100% gaming. We don't even need your donation! Just join and play, have fun! Just like what minecraft is supposed to be!”

Again, server IP:

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