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Fallout Salvation

Fallout Salvation


Welcome To Fallout Salvation!

Fallout salavtion is a survival based server with many fun plugins awaiting for you to use
We have a jobs plugin, mcmmo, ranks, essentials, and much more!

Fallout Salvation was created by Sir_NomanV1 and his fellow team!
The server economy is based on jobs, and our exlusive market /warp market to get your own plot and sell fine goods to other members of Fallout Salvation!
When you join for the first time we recommend that you do /kit Starter which should give you some food, tools, and armor!

Fallout Salvation comes with the grief prevention plugin which protects your home from other players, and also mobs!
Our Ranking System is based on voting, this stops players from giving their friends money to rank up, which is ufair for other players that are solo on our server
with this feature it makes our economy and Ranks much more fair for new players that have joined our server!
with essentials this plugin allows you tp /sethome [Name] with the fist rank you have you may set up to 2 homes. you also get /tpa [name] which allows you to tp to friends or other players
if you need more help then you can do /help which has lots of commands you have access to!
We also have a website! feel free to register!

Thanks for reading and enjoy your stay at Fallout Salvation!

~Fallout Salavtion Staff Team

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