This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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MineCraft Total Anarchy {1.7.9} {CRACKED}


MCTotalAnarchy is a 24/7 Factions server with a small but growing community, with the best staff out there!

                                               What makes it fun?

It has many plugins, here is a small list of the notable plugins:

  • Factions (along with FactionChat!)

  • mcMMO

  • Obsidian Destroyer

  • CombatTag

  • KitPvP

  • SimpleSpawners

  • Essentials

  • WorldBorder

  • NoCheatPlus

  • Anti-Xray

                                                What do you do in it?

    This server is a hardcore raid/grief/pvp server

                                                 Members and Staff?  

    Staff will do their best to keep the server a clean and fair environment for players.

    Become Member+ and Veteran by being an active member on the server!

                                                 Why should you play?

    You should choose this server because it is very addicting,

    with tons of unique players who are willing to help at any moment.


    The owner is a very responsible person, who only wishes the best for his server,

    so any staff breaking the rules will be punished, along with any player(s) breaking the rules.


    We also have a website for you to post suggestions on the server, or staff abuse, or glitches/bugs.


    We will try to work out any glitches/bugs as fast as possible.

    The owner is very busy, so please don't bug him. You can however bug staff members, on your problems.

                                                             Thank you!

    Thank you for reading, have a wonderful day, I hope you join us!

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