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SurvivalCraft-MC Network

The current spawn
The Survival1 Spawn
The current parkour spawn
The current PvP spawn
Some islands in skyblock

Vote daily for $5,000 in-game, and a diamond!

Welcome to our server, the SurvivalCraft-MC Network. I will go with you in all detail about our server! We offer a ton of gamemodes and features, and we hope you can enjoy them too!

Compatiable with these Minecraft Versions!
We are compatiable with all 1.7 versions! This means you can connect with:
(Above 1.7.6 may cause players to have a steve skin)
(Above 1.7.9 will cause players to have a steve skin)

-No Lag, and always 24/7!
We strive to have a no lag, 24/7 server. We constantly check the server throughout the day, and if there is any lag, we will attempt to remove it instantly. We also have a promise to keep our Server TPS (Ticks per second) above 19 at all times.

-Powerful Hardware, for the most demanding and light tasks
We equip our server with an Intel Core i7, and 8 GB of RAM, so the lightest and most demanding tasks are held with ease!

-Powerful player report system
We want any players breaking our rules banned at all costs, but sometimes, staff can't be on to see a person who is rule-breaking. We let our players report the rule-breakers, with a staff response in 24 hours 99.99% guaranteed!

-A no-grief policy
Any griefers on our server will be spotted, and banned, and the griefed worlds will be restored from daily to weekly backups. You can rest assure that your creations will be protected, 24/7. And, TNT is not allowed at all on our server.

-99+% uptime!
We strive to have a great uptime, even while we are still in Beta Testing, so you can access the server, even at 2:30am in the morning.

-Cross-world economy!
Say you get $350 in a Survival world, that $350 will be transferred to all the other worlds. This is great, as you can earn money say in the Survival World, and spend it in the PvP shop.

-Hack Prevention!
We prevent any hackers from getting an advantage on the server. With No Cheat Plus installed, this plugin will block any speed, spider, nofall, flying, and you name it hacks!

-8 Survival Worlds, a survival server, and UHC Survival!
8 Survival Worlds, each with different features, that I cannot even list every one of them! Pick your world that fits your need best, and we have more survival worlds coming out in the future, for more tastes of survivalness, and Survival4-8 are 1.7 worlds! We also have a survival server (accessible using /server survival), with a vanilla survival experience. For those UHC (Ultra Hardcore) fans, we have a UHC Survival server, with is a vanilla experience, but your health doesn't regen naturally. This has to be the best survival experience on any server.

Sometimes, you need great protection for your amazing creations, and that is where our creative plugins come in. With features to have no one destroy anything without a player being added onto your plot, and a banning feature which lets the target player not even be allowed on the plot. With certain ranks, you can also have more plots!

-PvP and One in the Quiver, for just fighting and having fun!
We have a great PvP experience on our server. Shop for items using your in-game money, and fight in 8 arenas from our staff, you can get some nice practice in, and get even better! We also have One in the Quiver, so you can see how good you are with archery with others!
(KitPvP is coming hopefully soon!)

-Parkour, so you can really get parkourin'!
With over 30 arenas, from the easiest, to the hardest, to the simple and craziest, there has to be a perfect arena for you, in our parkour world.

-Survival Games, so you can be like Katniss Everdeen (or maybe not...)!
Fight in 4 arenas, from the top map-makers, and just have fun with each other! Every now and then, I will host the "Real Survival Games", which you prepare and get supplies in a survival gamemode, and then fight to the death.

Skyblock, with challenges, and island sharing!
Start off on a little tiny island, with a couple of resources. Afterwards, expand your island, by buying items from the shop. Complete challenges from the challenge system, from the easiest, to the hardest. Level up your island, so you can become the best island out there, and invite up to 7 of your friends to help you with your island.

-And much more coming soon!

We hope you can come on, and enjoy this experience to the best you can. And if you are lucky, you might be able to get greeted from the Owner and Creator of the server, o355.

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