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Little information about us:
Are you tired of plain Faction servers how they are all the same? I know how you feel.
I was once like you, Joining server to server, Hoping for one that stands out.
And is amazing to play on. But, Unfortunately, I couldn't find one.
Either I wasn't looking hard enough, Or there just simply isn't any unique servers out there.
So I stepped up, Made my own server, And now trying to make is as unique as possible.
I don't know if you can call it really different from other servers.
But there's definitely some improvements from most other faction servers!

What we are:
We are a pretty new Minecraft server, Have unfortunately been through 3-4 Hosts just to find the right one.
I have tried many server types, Such as a Minigames server, Towny server, Creative server, Plus another couple.
But I am proud to say, I have found the type of server and host that works best with us.
The community also thinks the exact same aswell.
Our server is currently a Faction server, Just like any other minecraft server out there.
But there's a twist! We use Custom Worlds plus Chest Loots.
Some of you may be wondering what is Chest Loots? Never heard of it!
Well, It is a plugin which allows me to place random chests amongst the map!
These chests can contain anything from Dirt to Diamonds!
So please, Take 5 Minutes out of your day, And come and check out this server, It's muchly appreciated.

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