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Zuligen Gaming

Zuligen Gaming - MC - Survival/Creative


The Zuligen Gaming Minecraft Server is a small friendly server with Easy and hard difficulty survival so you can chose the difficulty that you want. We also have a creative world with large 100 by 100 plots for anyone to build to their heart's content.

We have a server shop and a global shop command where you can post items you want to sell, that someone may want to buy (that means no traveling to physical player shops)

we have GriefPrevention that helps to prevent people messing with your builds when you dont want then to,
better sleep that allows for night time to pass when only half of the people in a world are asleep,
DiscordSRV for anyone to comunicate with people on the server through a discord channel,
DynMap so that you can view your builds from a top down and 3D spectator like view,
We have Head database for your head decoration needs in the awesome builds that you will end up building.
Other plugins we have:

  • A marriage plugin
  • A silk touch plugin for spawners
  • A plugin that enables capturing of passive mobs so you can easily transport them
  • An inventory management plugin so that you can have different survival playthroughs on the different difficulties and keep your inventory seperate when you go to the Creative world
  • Fewer phantoms than normal
  • a custom server list and tab list for your viewing pleasure

we also have custom mob drops (leather from phantoms, sand from husks etc), custom crafting recipies to help make some harder recipies easier like only needing one iron block for an anvil instead of three, and custom fishing drops

The Zuligen Gaming Minecraft Server is a small friendly server with:

  • many plugins from protection to custom drops and shop experiences
  • custom crafting recipies
  • mcmmo
  • only 50% of people need to sleep to pass the night
  • custom mob drops
  • easy and hard difficulties
  • creative world
  • less annoying phantoms
  • friendly staff
  • custom heads for decoration
  • marriage plugin
  • large creative plots
  • Grief Protection

Server IP:

This server has many different game modes, some vanilla, some with modpacks through minecraft forge. because of this there is enough stuff for anyone to enjoy
Posted 29th Oct 2019