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Hey Minecrafters!!!How are you today .. ?
I will talk you now about my server!So,My server is mainly in Survival mode where you can work outside,inside your house to decor it
and try to survive.In first join we have a special kit for you which contains a gold shovel,cookies,glass,wood,tools and some wool.
If you start get bored the survival mode you can play Factions where we got a lot of teams.For example,Equinox is a team of our server in
factions and there join only staff or players who our leader trust.We got Skyblock mode where you can work on it.You have 3 to choose.Easy mode,Hard mode
or Too easy mode which makes you able to get 2 islands.1 on plains biome and 1 on desert biome.In addition you will be able to pvp,Raid,Grief.Are allowed.
Also you can help us build things or just to help newbies.We hope you like our server and enjoy plying with us.Invite your friends for more fun!!!

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