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Azara Craft


Azara Craft is a new type of towny server. Our goal is to create a server that is about choosing your own destiny. This means that we want players to be able to mine, build, conquer, steal, trade, explore, and everything else you would potentially do on a minecraft survival server but with balance. On Azara Craft there is no way to pay to win, every player is on even ground. Every player has an equal opportunity to start a town and build it into a nation, through any means they see fit. We have a balance between safety and competition. Towns can declare war or remain neutral. Players can roam the wild and hunt each other down or explore new the environment. This server is a sandbox and it’s up to you to forge your path to greatness.


-Balanced gameplay.

-Towny protects your buildings.

-No exp loss on death for all players.

-Large map to explore and claim.

-Large free for all wilderness areas.

-Not a pay to win server.

-PVP is allowed anywhere outside of towns.

-Form towns, nations and outposts.

-Realistic Warfare.

-High quality servers with no lag.

-A quality backup system backups all server files every day.

-Dedicated staff that are happy to help you if you have a problem.

-Live server maps that show towns.

-Free phone support in the U.S. and Canada!

-Support the server and gain cool ranks!

-Vote for the server and get prizes! (Coming soon)

-The ultimate mix between PVP and building.

-Your town is secure from attack if one or less players are online.

What are you waiting for? Claim your destiny today!


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