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Welcome to MCalt!

MCalt is a multiplayer factions minecraft server! We are here to make your life much more fun in the sense of PvP. What is PvP? PvP is 'Player vs Player' which on minecraft is very fun. You get to battle to the final man in your faction! We like roleplaying ourselves, but you don't need to! You can do whatever you want on the server only if it abides with the rules!

We have a bunch of rules on our server to govern the players. Please tolerate our rules because we have worked very hard on the server and don't want it ruined. Thanks! Posted Image
1) No cursing.
2) No asking for ranks of any sorts.
3) Do not ask for a chest protection plugin.
4) Please do not bother admins with frivolous things.
5) No spamming.
6) No asking for items, or anything that is related to special treatment.
7) Please be kind to every and all players
8) Enjoy yourself!!!

We have an abundance of ranks on our server, half of which, you can get without applying or donating!
1) Member (Default Rank)
2) Merchant {Requirements: Playing on for a while, a house with a bed and chest, and a faction}
3) Gladiator {Requirements: Has 20,000$ and have been a Merchant}
4) Hero {Requirements: Has 100,000$ and Have been a Gladiator}

Donator Ranks
These ranks you will have to pay for. The price is next to each one, you can buy them on the server website
1) Iron 5$
2) Gold 15$
3) VIP 20$
4) VIP+ 25$
5) Obsidian 35$

Staff Ranks
For staff, we would like to keep it as simple as possible. You can apply for staff on the forums once you become a Merchant.
1) JrMod {Requirements: Application and Merchant}
2) Mod {Requirements: Application and JrMod}
3) JrAdmin {Requirements: Applications and Mod}
4) Admin {Requirements: Application and JrAdmin}
5) HeadAdmin {Only one for this position}

1) Factions
2) Essentials
3) PermissionsEX
4) SetRankPEX
5) Modifyworld
6) Multiverse
7) iConomy
8) HorseMount
9) Votifier
10) Worldedit
11) Worldguard

The rest are private.

Voting Websites
So far, here are the websites where you can get goodies from. NOTE votifier is very glitchy on our server, we are still working on it. So if you vote and do not get the items, tell us, we will manually give you them ourselves.

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