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The Minecraft Anvil


Survival Server fine tuned with some extra features all the new 1.6.1 chunks have been loaded only so you can count on all the new spawns from the latest patch! Join or create a faction to claim and protect your land or be apart of your fellow server buddies! While playing level up you mcMMO skills as you gain different ability's and skills while leveling up. Plus much much more be sure to come check it out.
[COLOR=#339999][I][B]Is this a PVP Server or PVE Server?[/B][/I][/COLOR]
You decide its split down the middle you can most definitely stick to player vs environment stuff but theirs also plenty to do in PVP to.
[COLOR=#339999][I][B]What am I suppose to do on this server?[/B][/I][/COLOR]
Well the choice will always be yours, its a survival pvp server with mcmmo skills (axes harder to level here) and factions. New players can get started by heading out in the world find a place to build and survive from the night and pvp. Once you establish yourself you can shop at the server shops by typing /warp or going to spawn where all shops are located. Theirs also a web auction house for players of the server at this is a great way to help support the economy in the server, don't be afraid to use it! /wa password to start using it!

Now you got yourself a base or a home to work, perhaps you want more for your faction/ home or both all players are also allowed their own shops with all permissions already set for new members to create shops. Stock up your shop and well link it to spawn, this will really help with your money income in game while your out hunting for more stuff! Everyone can get their bank account at spawn as well allows players to store their items inside it for protected storage when your offline or dead. Also be sure to check out the PVP and PVE arenas we have to offer everyone if that's your type of thing.
How you play is your choice are you a gatherer, raider, solo pvper, solo play, you decide! Its not survival games here its just a big world we provide players to live and survive in with many other great features to help your experience in minecraft! Feel free to just come and ask us about more!
Playing on our server means a lot to us and we'll do our best to always make your game play experience fun!
[COLOR=#339999][I][B]Teamspeak w/ Us 24/7 Free[/B][/I][/COLOR]
You are welcome to play on our servers and while you do you can use our teamspeak to help with your bandwidth. Our teamspeak server ip is the same as the game server also found on the website. You and some of your buddies can use it for other games to if your regular players on our server! So come say hi!
[COLOR=#339999][I][B]When did the server come out?[/B][/I][/COLOR]
July 6th, 2013 was our offical launch day of being public. However we started as a vanilla server, and have grown into a bukkit craft server with some of its plugins. The server and website have been under heavy construction however we got the foundation of our server setup and feel ready to move on to adding help, and other information on the website for players of our server.
[COLOR=#339999][I][B]Helpful Links[/B][/I][/COLOR]
[I][B][COLOR=#ffffff]Our Website[/COLOR] -[/B][/I]
[I][B][COLOR=#ffffff]Plugin Help[/COLOR] -[/B] [/I]
[COLOR=#339999][I][B]Can I be OP or [MOD]?[/B][/I][/COLOR]
If your coming here for that your answer will be no. Staff positions are earned and op can never be obtained by anyone here. Moderators here don't get creative or fly or powerful commands. They are moderators they moderate the players on the server while playing just like they do with no unfair advantages or vip gains! We award points manually to players and automatically people who have a set am mount have the opportunity to start off as a player moderator!
[COLOR=#ff6600][I][B]Leave a comment below for any questions I you have or problems, I check daily and more at[/B][/I][/COLOR]

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