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FireLite Survival


Firelite Gaming is pleased to announce and open it's server to the public. Our goals it to improve the minecraft server gaming experience. We don't simply aim to create a server with many individuals playing separately. We aim for a server with a community that works together towards furthering our vision. Our admins are currently working hard to improve the server constantly. We may not be perfect yet, we are human, just like you. But we are constantly improving and seek to have the best experience available.
Our current system is split into a series of ranks. For people who simply want to play minecraft as a member of our server with almost no restriction, to people who want a little bit more and to be a VIP. We also have a moderator in training system, which helps procure some the best moderators and admins we can find, and help them assist you better.
Our server is currently running on Bukkit and has a number of plugins that help to improve the server experience. We have plugins to improve the experience such as McMMO, as well as plugins that simply prevent others from ruining your experience such as Lockette, Anti-Spam and horse protection. We aren’t done yet though. As we continue to grow we intend to add more plugins for those who want some extra entertainment. We have a game hub underway at the spawn which is designed to provide a minigame experience for when you simply want a break from mining. A shop is also under construction and should be ready for your use very soon using our servers currency.
This shows the goodness that our server ensures. But as mentioned many times; we don’t simply stop here. We aim to improve, continue and listen to what you want. Join us, and help improve the experience for others!

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