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Welcome to NRKcraft

                                                                               Website: NRKcraft


Ever wanted to play classic survival Factions and not start with a bunch of OP items. Well NRKcraft has given the chance to do that, and to make it more fun to build up to that nice diamond gear. You will obviously get stone tools and food to go on your adventure with, but for all the best you can do is enjoy the server with it's 24/7 dedication giving the best server experience to the public. With a great community, and good amount of staff online daily, the server is for sure to be safe and happy to play on for you and for others. So there is no worries, just making sure you get the best experience on the server!



The server has some really fun and handy plugins for you to enjoy on the server.

  • NoCheatPlus: Plugin to prevent any type of hacking to keep the server safe.
  • AuthMe: A customly organised plugin for you to register on the server and to keep safe from hackers
  • Trading: Be able to trade with players on the server and not drop your items on the ground for people to run in and steal from you.
  • Ptweaks: A plugin to reduce server lag and for players to play free of any lag.
  • Factions: Team up with friends in a Guild, where you can be protected by claiming land, and being able to build and not worrying about people griefing your stuff.
  • GuiShops: Don't have to worry about warping to the server shops, just go /shop for a amazing GUIInterface.
  • CombatLog: A plugin that prevents CombatLogging, to make it fair for others.
  • ?SilkSpawners: ?A plugin allowing you to break spawners and keep them.
  • SkinLoader: Have your skins show! Either if your premium or cracked your skin still shows!
  • Many many more plugins for your enjoyment on the server!

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