This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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iCraft is a Item spawing server based heavily on PvP and faction raiding. In this server you will be able to spawn in items such as
diamond armor, golden apples and ,if you donate, Bedrock. If you like to pvp then you will like this server as you can spawn in
your diamond and sword instead of mineing up tonnes of diamonds, just to lose it all in PvP. Also if you faction then you can build
the ultimate faction with a huge base, however This base can be raided even if it is made from obsidian. Or you could be the person
doing the raiding for fun or to see if you can get any ideas for a new base and to protect your base even further. If you like the
idea you can check out our website: or join the server with the IP: However
We are in 1.6.4 so you will have to downgrade in the launcher up intil bukkit updates, We apologize for any problems

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