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Black Moon Rising


Black Moon Rising, not vanilla, more like super chocolate fudge chunk with walnuts and a cherry on top. More challenging than the average SMP servers, but not so tough that it isn't fun! The rewards outweigh the difficulties, so grow a pair and take a chance. WorldGuard, mcMMO, Jobs, Anti-Grief, Anti-Cheat, Economy, Auctions, Custom enchants, SilkSpawners, Pets, Dynmap, Optional PvP, Creative world, and so much more.

Tougher mobs the farther from spawn you travel, challenging hidden treasures, random enhanced mob events, drop parties, build contests, friendly helpful staff, mature environment for all to enjoy. Upcoming expansions include Hunger Games, mini games lobby, PvP arenas and more. Check us out and help us grow!

Server rules:
No Advertising
No Cheating
No Griefing/Stealing
No Hacking
No Trolling
No Spamming
No Begging
A complete explanation of our rules and perks can be found at Our Website

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