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SymboliCraft is a Minecraft server designed to provide an enjoyable experience for players old and young. Play fun minigames like Spleef and Survival Games, go gather resources and build an amazing structure in hopes of ranking up, or have fun in the free build Creative world.

I've been Griefed!
On SymboliCraft, we are an Anti-Grief environment. Griefing can be reported my typing "/modreq grief" in front of the grief, and a staff member will teleport to the ticket, ban the griefer and rollback the damage. Raiding and killing other's animals also counts as grief.
When we say "Non-PvP" we mean in the overworld. PvP is off in the overworld to aid your building! We have a few minigames and PvP Arenas to dish it out in if normal Survival gets boring!
Rankup Builds
Here on SymboliCraft, we encourage building. So much that we have 9 unique ranks that give you some amazing new commands and perks. Each rank gets progressively harder, and also more rewarding. For example, you can get commands such as /enchant, /fly and /enderchest! What are you waiting for? Start building!
We have a forum and webpage located at! Register now!
Come join us on SymboliCraft for a great time. Hope to see you soon!

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