This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Ridge - Economic Achievement


Ridge is focused on creating a complete economic experience within Minecraft. That means that, not only is the economy rock-solid, but it also allows for any type of player to make his money.

If you enjoy farming, you'll be able to create massive farms and still reap the benefits, either by selling to the server shop, to other players, or to complete a set of achievements.

If you enjoy mining, you'll find that investing in that Fortune III Diamond Pickaxe and stocking up on RSD (Redstone Dust) and GSD (Glowstone Dust) for your Haste spell pays sweet dividends.

If you like collecting, you'll find that hoarding up massive stockpiles of resources lets you create a monopoly on rarer ones, and makes you the go-to person for their buying and selling needs.

If you like participating in the server community, you'll find that your VP (vote points) will make you rich, and your event tokens will drive a high price.

And if you like being involved in a highly sophisticated economy and carving out your niche, Ridge is the server for you.

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