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Pixelated Reality


Welcome to Pixelated Reality.

We are a seasoned gaming community that has been on and off for approx. 3 years now. With our new dedicated server box hosted privately we are now here to stay.
With an experienced staff with over 3 years of actual in-game experience we offer a superior gaming experience on all fronts.

Currently the server offers these features.
Donation Perks
Creative World(s)
Safe Survival World(s)
Griefable Survival World
In-Game Shops/Store, Player Owned Shops
Teamspeak Server (
Website and forums (
Dedicated and Hard-Working staff
24/7 Server Up-Time
Active bug fixing and plugin work

The server is just now being put back up after about 6 months of downtime. This will certainly not happen again however the server population is somewhat small at the time being, we are looking for dedicated members that will keep coming back to the server in the long term and we are also looking for staff members that will continue to be active in the server community.

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