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[1.8.8] CoolCraft Survival PvP


Owners: JoePCool14

CoolCraft is a Survival PvP Minecraft PC server for version 1.8.9. We run Spigot with a variety of plugins and features. On CoolCraft, you get the best of building and the best of PvP. Your builds will always be safe thanks to GriefPrevention and Lockette. In addition, we care about what our players create and ensure backups are frequently taken. PvP is also enabled in the wild for extra challenge. The server focuses on creating a friendly community where you can come on and simply have fun playing Minecraft. CoolCraft also guarantees 99.99% uptime so that whenever you feel the need to hop on, we're open for business.

Our staff members are friendly and active. If you ever have a question, any of our moderators or admins would be happy to help out. CoolCraft also has forums as well as other features on our website. We've also got ranks to achieve each with extra commands.

This server is for all Minecraft players of all ages. If you'd like to join us, remember to grab the IP and Vote for us, and share your support for CoolCraft. Don't forget to register on our website at and introduce yourself to the community! We would all be happy to have you join in. Thanks for checking us out, and we hope to see you in-game real soon!

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