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Elemental Realms


-NOT !

Who are we?

Hey there! We are a group of people that have been hosting Minecraft servers for some time now. We have an experienced staff team, and have a small community at the moment. If you are looking for a quality place to play with mature individuals, ElementalRealms will be your last stop!

What makes us different?

Well, for one thing we have a theme - right from the start, you get a choice between 4 elements. Fire, Water, Air and Earth. Each has their own perks, and each their own drawbacks. As soon as you have chosen where your allegiance lies, you'll go and make a name for yourself. You might build up in the safe non-pvp haven of the overworld and then battle fiercely with friends against enemies in the fiery underworld of the nether. Or maybe you'll somehow escape through donating or otherwise to the end...where secrets and quests that shall not be spoken of may be revealed.

Why choose our servers?

Why not? If you're bored with servers having no theme or servers that are insanely laggy, why not just try ElementalRealms? We are an open and friendly (albeit small - but growing) community that are open to your suggestions. Whether you like PVP or just building, we are the right server for you! Go on - try it. Just once. I dare you.

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