This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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1.6.2 TheGalaxyNetwork [Survival/PvP/Creative/RPG]


TheGalaxy Network is a set of three servers, interconnected to allow seamless switching between gameplays. Whether PvP is your taste, building’s your forte or you like to play old-fashioned survival, we accommodate all three!
Wanna PvP? We’re working on a PvP and RPG focused server, allowing rewards from killing players and mobs and by completing quests scattered around a custom map made especially! It’s still in progress, but that means we’re open to suggestions and ideas from the community!

How about living life the minecraft way? We have Towny, iConomy and mcMMO up on our survival server to enhance that minecraft experience. So if you want to chill, kill mobs, mine for ores and build a town, this is the server you want.
But let’s say you like to build big, without having to gather resources? Then the creative server should be your home, where you’re instantly set in a world to begin building your mansions, castles or dragons!
Each server has their own special ranks that you can ascend through, either by making money, killing stuff, building awesome things or just playing for a long time!
We have a long list of plugins for each server, and we’re always online.
Not only that, THERE’S NO WHITELIST! So come join and see what it’s like!

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