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PvPHorde is a new PvP factions server.
This server is mainly focused on having a nice community and balanced gameplay which never gets boring.
On most servers it gets boring really quickly and our main goal is to make sure that the server stays interesting even after months.
Unlike most other servers our goal isn't to become the best or the biggest or to earn tons of money.
There are thousands of servers and it's up to you were you play.
Just join the server and see if you like it and if not you can just check out another server!

Server type: PvP & Raiding
? Professional and experienced staff team + need more
? A lot custom edited plugins.
? 24/7
? Factions (Modifed)
? Economy
? Custom player driven market (Sell items and purchase items from other players)
? Balanced!
? No pay to win
? Destroyable obsidian 5 hits of tnt
? Trading
? End resets on server restart.
? Nether resets monthly
? Events hosted by staff
? Anti combat log
? Anti cheat
? Dungeons
? Better XP system
? Drop all XP on death
? Statistics
? Duels [Comming soon]
? More to come!

Server IP:

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