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UberCraft Network! 12 servers to choose from!



UberCraft is a multi-gamemode server looking for dedicated and friendly players to join our network! We currently have:

-An amazing spawn that we built ourselves where you can find rooms that contain the server rules, staff, donation perks, stats, gamemode portals, and more.

-A unique Survival/Adventure Mode: Your typical Minecraft Survival world with an adventure twist. Survival is currently the most popular server on the network. I've hidden chests, arenas, dungeons, and custom made buildings for you to explore and conquer. There is a grief protection system so you can protect your land. You can buy additional claim blocks or acquire more as you play the server. If you do not have enough claim blocks we also have Lockette so you can lock up your valuables without the fear of someone looting your chests. There are also stores throughout the world where you can sell items to get money and stores at the spawn where you can buy various blocks and materials. There are several ways to get money, from our chat reaction plugin, to loot chests and monsters. There is also a tree assist plugin, a lottery chest plugin, and silk spawners. MCMMO is also enabled in Survival due to popular demand.

-Creative: Your typical PlotMe style creative world with 100x100 plots where you can build your own masterpiece on a designated plot of land. When done building, ask Ladrana, the owner to put your build on the server's Instagram. Donators get world edit access.

-KitPvp: Everyone loves to PvP. There are currently eight pvp maps to fight on with new maps always being added. Members get access to the standard kit while donators have access to more kits. We are currently developing a ranking up system in kitpvp so regular members can have more diverse fighting options. There is also a donor-only pvp world where donors have sole access to some of the most unique maps on the network.

-Skyblock: In addition to the average Skyblock realm, there is a skyshop where players can sell their extra materials or buy items for their islands. Invite your friends to your island and help each other build. Monsters also drop money in Skyblock.

-Prison: Prison is a favorite of most Minecraft players. Players rank up through a 10 rank system by chopping wood, mining, and selling goods. There is a store in the prison, as well as private smelting and crafting rooms, enderchests, repair, heal, and disenchant signs, and food blocks so you never run out. There is a massive city waiting outside the Prison for those patient enough to rank up. This city includes a bank, marketplace, arenas, parkour, buyable houses, hotels, a shooting range, and much more. Those crazy enough to get the Overlord rank gain access to an exclusive completely different area.

-Factions: Team up with your friends, claim land, conquer enemy bases, and expand your territory. Mcmmo let's you rank up your skills such as mining, woodcutting, herbalism, etc and unlock special abilities that you can use throught the world. There are kits for new players and a spawner shop for donors. The tree assist, lottery chest, and silk spawner plugins are also enabled on the Factions Server.

-Minigames: Everyone loves minigames and our minigames server is always expanding. We currently have TnT Run, Spleef/Splegg, Gungame, Parkour, Paintball, One in the Chamber, a new MobMaze, Mob Arena, The Walls, Build It, and Bow Bash. We will have 12 different minigames when we're done!

-Towny: Towny is a gamemode that combines the aspects of Survival and Factions. Like Factions, you can start your own town or community and claim land. However, unlike Factions you cannot raid. Your land is protected against other players who are not members of your town or nation. MCMMO is not enabled in Towny but the tree assist, lottery chest, and silk spawner plugins are. A unique aspect of Towny is that you can set up your own chest shops. Sell your materials to other players by setting up shop in your town. A tutorial of how to set up your own shops can be found at the Towny server's spawn.

-OP Prison: In addition to regular Prison we also offer OP Prison. OP Prison is based on 26 ranks, from A to Z. You start with a set of armor, weapons, and tools. There are private smelting and crafting rooms, and a shop to sell your materials. Each rank has access to a new mine with better materials to sell. You can donate for access to uniquely enchanted armor, pickaxes, and weapons.

-Biohazard: Biohazard is a completely different and unique server that has been added to the UberCraft Network. It is a zombie apocalypse based server with a ranking up system, guns, ammo, bombs, potions, knapsacks, unique items, bodyguards and more. Go on a murderous zombie-killing spree or complete quests.

The server also has an economy. Each server has a different balance. There are multiple ways to make money: loot chests, killing monsters, voting, donating, and selling items.

Vote for the server and earn in game cash or server tokens that can be used to purchase items with the command /token shop. Active staff and the owner are on every day. Donor ranks are available and are universal (with the exception of the Biohazard Server). You can also donate for many other things! Donate for in-game cash, server tokens, crate keys for the lottery chests, pets, disguises, mob spawners for Skyblock, extra block protection, world edit, flight in Survival, nicknames, prefixes, and OP Prison perks. Recruiters are also given in game rewards and a unique title! Come check us out and tell us what you think!

The owner and dedicated staff are online every day to help with any problems you might have.




Email us at with any suggestions or questions or visit our website

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