This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Classic Factions+Mcmmo PvP server


Created April 19th 2013 Browncraft is a Factions, Mcmmo server with a dedicated staff and friendly community.

Browncraft PvP is a professionally run server hosted 24/7 over at NOT some thirteen year old's laptop. Browncraft is a brand new server with a responsible staff that aims to keep the server simple and full of the bitter rivalries and competition that we've all come to love.

Server features:

  • Glitching is generally allowed except to duplicate items or to be invincible

  • Lava, fire spread, and tnt are all enabled

  • There is a world border of 5000 in the overworld 2000 in the nether and 1000 in the end


[1] No hacking

[2] Allowed mods are optifine and other non gameplay altering mods

[3] No spamming or excessive use of caps

[4] No Advertising

[5] Glitching is generally allowed however no duplication or pvp glitches

[6] Do not tnt around spawn

Breaking any of the above rules can result in a permanent ban, temp ban, or 5 days of adventure mode

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