This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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X-Craft OP Prison


No Sexist Remarks!
No Cursing
No Arguing
No Griefing in Prison world
No Giving Out Free Money
No Placing Sand or Gravel In Mines
No Placing Water Or Lava In Mines
No Making 1x1 Holes In Mines
No Duping Items
No Scaming
No Hacking
No Glitching
No Advertising Domains!
No Spamming
No Asking For Items Or Ranks!
No Asking For Money
No Potions Are Allowe in Prison!
We did not make this server for the money!
We made this server for are fans we made this server so
anyone can join and have a funtime in prison!
We made this server so are fans can come play with us
This server took alot of time and hard work so it would AWESOME if you
donated but it would be just as fun if you didn't!
Thanks for reading!
How do i auction items?
Type /Auction to get a list od commands!
Whats happens if i break a rule?
You may get banned TempBanned or muted!
How do i rank up?
Type /Rankup
Where do i sell items?
On the mine!
When do mines reset?
Every 10 MInutes
Where can i apply for staff?
At /warp Apply
How do i go back to spawn?
type /Spawn
How do i go to a Different Mine when i rank up?
Do /warp (Rank)
Thanks for reading!

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