This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Tek-Toniks Mafia


Tek-Toniks Drug Server (Mafia) is a drug server that has tons to do, there are endless possibilities.. Our server will be adding guns here in the next few days, As well as a texture pack there will be no mod needed! Tons to do and Tons of fun!

Pothead: Default , /sethome /home
Addict: $750 , /tpa /tpaccept etc
MethHead: $5000 , /getpos
Grower: $35,000 , /f create
Dealer: $150,00 , Start Auctions
Gangster: $350,000 , 2 set homes
DrugTrafficker: $550,000 , /warp drugshop
MadeMan: 1,000,000 , 3 set homes
Kingpin: 5,000,000 , /kit kingpin
Capone: 10,000,000 , 5 set homes
GodFather: 15,000,000 , /kit godfather
Heisenburg: 25,000,000 /craft

Wheat - Weed
Acid - Seeds
Red Mushroom - RedShroom
Brown Mushroom - BrownShroom
Poisonous Potatoes - Experimental
Cocoa Beans - Heroin
Sugar - Cocain
Pumpkin Seeds - Ketamin
Nether Wart - Bath Salt
Carrots - Hash

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