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[You need to make a application to become a trainer!]

Have you ever wanted to join a server with people who are stuck in a fandom you love? If so this could be the right server for you!This is a family server with a lot of imported/custom build referencing certain fandoms.
All is welcomed! Pokemonfans-Homestuckfans-DrWho-Supernatural-Holmes-MLP-And other! No judgement for what you like.

Every new player gets one basic Pokemon of their choice lvl5 (That is not a legendary). It can even be a shiny if you like.
We are fandom friendly!

Our server will have daily, weekly and monthly events with great rewards! Jobs, gyms and protection from griefers.
If you wish to be apart of our amazing family, please go to our enjin site and apply to become a trainer! You may join to explore if you get past our hub.

?Apply to get a free pokemon!
Everyone must apply! Applications are on the forum. Old members will be approved but we still would like for all the information to be filled. Newbies will have to apply if they want their free pokemon. If you want a free 1k just make a decent introduction.

?The server has a Safari Zone!
However, to get in you need 500$ Trust us, it is worth it!

?Read the Signs
There are new rules and info for our server. When you first connect you will be taken to the HUB which has different rooms with important information. Please read them all! The info will provide all the answers you need. One and most important information is the fact that there are only three available warps for trainers. For a LIMITED time only /warp safarizone is open until we build Ace City. And since we do not have any gymleaders at the moment for us to even have a reason for Ace City, Safari Zone will be open to everyone. /warp HUB takes you back to where you first spawned. There you can go back and apply for jobs or review any of our information. /warp Agate is our first village which has a path to the other villages. If you find a spot to build simply /sethome.

Events will be down until we finish setting up the rooms. There is a new schedule for events- One being the legendary event is no longer daily but only on weekends. However we do have daily boss events to give you all a chance at good items.

?Want to be a Gymleader?
To become a gymleader you will have to have the team ready when applying. Do not apply then work on the team or I will delete your application.

?The Elite4
The elite4 will be the staff! - "Oh but there are only 4--” shut up. When you're ready to challenge the elite4 you will only get to battle 4 staff members at random. Each staff member have their own Elite4 Pokemon types and each challenger will be assigned 4 different staff members to battle. They are not allowed to announce their Pokemon type so be prepared.

?Creepers and Building
All of the villages that have been built are protected, and so are the path. There is a lot of room outside of the protected areas for people to build and survive! YES SURVIVE! BECAUSE THIS HAPPENS TO BE A PIXELMON SURVIVAL SERVER. This means no complaining about mobs being on. Make a house and try not to die at night. But don't worry, keepInventory is on!

I think that covers everything. We appreciate your patience and hope to see you all online!

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