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About Creolipsia

Creolipsia started out as a creative only server founded by Grifftek in the summer of 2013, but then ownership was handed over to spRAyvANdaL and skorpio1379 in fall of 2013. Now we strive to provide the same values that the original server was built on, to other game modes besides creative. These values are to provide a fun, fair, and unique experience for all, while offering our players helpful tools and giving them feedback and constructive criticism to help them reach their maximum potential as a builder. Currently we offer creative and survival modes. Our main focus will always be creative however.

Ranking System

The way our ranking system works is you build and when you are finished with your build, ask a staff member to come and look at it. The rankings will be based off of structural, organics, and terraforming Skill. For those of you that feel you are already above and beyond builders you may apply for Builder-III rank here

Default rank, given basic commands and one 97x97 plot, can use full WorldEdit in your plot (no schematic commands, 750 block change limit)

Second rank, given basic commands and three 97x97 plots, can use full ToolBelt

Third rank, given basic commands and five 97x97 plots, can receive a custom nickname of your choosing (within reason)

Fourth rank, given extra commands such as speed and full tp, Can build in Creopolis (freebuild world), can use color on signs

Fifth rank, given extra commands such as /setwarp and full WorldEdit (any world, no limit), can build in Hub and Azeroth, can receive a colored nickname

Sixth rank, given full VoxelSniper and extra commands

Have Fun!

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