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About Us

The lowdown on Melon-Collie -- Mature gameplay, for adults by adults.

The Who:

Melon-Collie is brought to you by Kyhlo and Clusterfluxster. Kyhlo handles the server administration aspect of Melon-Collie, while Clusterfluxster is typically caving for some diamonds. Both are college graduates, and enjoy Minecraft after a rather hellacious day at work.

The What:

Melon-Collie is a new server that was founded with the focus of providing a mature server, with a mature community. The scope of the server is to provide a vanilla Minecraft experience for players to come together and create. Melon-Collie is for all kinds. From those who want to build a community spawn together, to those who only want to wander into town to pick up some spare supplies. We welcome all with open arms, and we have plenty of pristine land to explore.
We are looking for mature, like minded individuals who are interested in joining a community that is focused on having fun and sharing a world together. The server is fresh as of mid-May 2015, which means there is plenty of opportunity to join in on the "ground floor". Want to build a fantastic house at spawn? Setup a wool shop? Share in the wonder of exploring a brand new world? These are the sorts of activities you can expect here at Melon-Collie.

The Where:

Melon-Collie runs on a dedicated server located in Dallas, Texas. As such we are centrally located for folks in the U.S, however all are free to enjoy our server. Currently we are running an Intel Xeon E3-1270 V3 CPU, along with 16GB of DDR3 ECC RAM. Our current storage drive setup allows the main OS installation as well as our Minecraft server installation to run on an SSD. While a secondary hard drive, and a third network attached drive facilitate backups.

The When:

Right now! We are always looking for folks to join our community. The server first went live May 31st 2015. We have NO plans for a map reset anytime soon. Now is a great time to get involved with all of us here at Melon-Collie

The Why:

Quite simply, we want to have a damned good time. Running our own server affords us the opportunity to tweak the box to our liking, and create the community and server we want. This benefits all, as there is no middle-man between the server and those who play on it. Together we can create the server we want.

The How:

The server is vanilla in many ways, but can be best described as a "twisty-cone". Running on Spigot, we do have a dynamic map, as well as block logging setup just for the sake of administration. Spigot allows us to run a nicely optimized server which is sure to provide great stability and performance. For those reasons we cannot fairly call ourselves a "Truly Vanilla" server. Who turns down a twisty-cone?

If this sounds like the type of community you are looking for, feel free to reach out and apply. We don't have a formal application process by any means. We simply ask that you reach out to /u/kyhlo on reddit or visit the website for information on how to reach out, and provide what information you feel is relevant. We are looking for adult players who can handle themselves as such. This means 18+ for those not in the know. Kyhlo and Clusterfluxster will give the yay or nay. If your message is well received, we'll gladly reach back!.

Rules: We're all adults here, and we expect that you handle yourself accordingly. No stealing, trolling, griefing. Pranks and other lighthearted fun is always encouraged. When in doubt ask before doing something. Please respect others spaces and builds.

We look forward to meeting like minded folks!

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