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Welcome to EliteNationsPvP!

The EliteNationsPvP server is designed around the concept of "Big City," so we have set up default factions for players to join at their will, and have "contrabanded " items, meaning that they are restricted to certain professions and/or mafia members. (More details on the server!)

Basic info:
Server IP:
Installed Plugins: Factions, ChestShop, Essentials, MobArena, iConomy, HeadHunter, PlayerHeads, and many more fun ones yet to come!
Server Owners: EliteHitman(Owner), LucioRossari(Owner), and Zman141(Co-Owner)
Max Players: 999(currently set to 40, but can be adjusted as needed)

The EliteNations server has a wonderful community of really helpful players, and almost no griefing occurs, but is allowed(outside the city limits), and we're always welcoming new members!"
This server uses an Imperial City map(Credit goes to Comeon and Rigolo for the map!), so there are many places to explore on the server! But the city is just the starting point!

Players are free to build in and onto the city(Please don't make buildings that would be considered "Ugly." If you need help building something, talk to an Admin and they will help you build it! That's what they're there for!), and are encouraged to build both inside and outside the city!

So what are you waiting for? Come on in and play as a Banker, Policeman, Logger, Miner, Builder, or any other profession you want to be!

See you on the other side! ;)
Additional Details
Factions PVP server with many plugins designed around a big city theme!
Game Version: Minecraft 1.6.2
Tags: Faction, PVP, MobArena, EliteNations, Imperial City, Chestshops, Verygames, Iconomy, Headhunter, Playerheads, Enjin, Server, Faction PVP
Credit: Comeon and Rigolo for the map; Elitehitman for starting the server; LucioRossari for the upkeep of the server; All the current and previous staff for their hard work and dedication; and finally, all of the players who have contributed to EliteNationsPvP!

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