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Eurasia h+ Cyberpunk RP


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Welcome to Kepler-55. You will be entering a realistic world set in the near future where technological advances in human augmentations, faster-than-light travel, deep-space colonization and space exploration dominate day to day life.

You've been sent out through contract to a completely new planet, protected and supervised (Or so they say) by a conglomerate called Eurasia Inc. Your story takes place on the earth-like planet of Kepler-55, an industrial mining world operated by the conglomerate.

Kepler, a place for economic revival for those on earth, is also a place of revival for new colonists to the planet. You will be able to roleplay in nearly any lifestyle you wish regardless of former injustice and past life. No matter what event faces you, the response is yours to choose and watch as the reaction reverberates across the player population.

As a colonist of the new world, you are placed in control of your own life and profession, ranging from a construction worker, financial analyst, police officer to a crooked politician or an unscrupulous businessman. Your ability to adapt, react, and control the environment around you will affect others, and will affect the server and the roleplay environment around yourself.

However, you may wish to leave your city life of a constantly moving cycle of work. You may work your way up to a high paying job and settle in the Kepler country side with your fellow colonists and stay away from the overwhelming jungle that is the city, free from the overwhelming stress of the colonial authority. Just you, your house, your friends and your own RP bubble on this new planet. Back on the other side, perhaps you wish you remain in the city, working your way up the socio-economic ladder or you even dream of starting your own city, it is all a possibility on Kepler.

Through a planet with an abdundance of natural resources, endless opportunities and a ever-changing RP landscape, the choice is yours to determine the path which you take.

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