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Apocalypse Rising v1.1.0 [DayZ Remake]


Apocalypse Rising v1.1.0

Apocalypse Rising is a DayZ inspired zombie apocalypse simulation. Here, you survive in a post-apocalyptic setting and fight off the hoard. Zombies are much more dangerous than usual, and many game mechanics have been added for realism.


-Large open world map
-Thirst and better hunger
-Bleeding and bandages
-Zombie bite infection
-Smarter zombie AI
-Smaller item stack sizes
-Random chest loot
-100 block chat range


Special thanks goes to TeeePeee for the plugin itself, and Skript API for allowing us to patch it. Credit for the map goes to MaxBFalcon, who has a profile here on PMC. You should check them both out.

What are you waiting for? Come and play!

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