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Nexolite Factions


Join us today on our servers!
NexoLite is a network of lag-free servers connected via a central hub which we host on our own dedicated server. With our servers ranging from Factions PvP, Vanilla_1.7.3, and Mini-games there is always something for our players to do! Hardworking and Experienced staff members ensure all our players are having the most fun possible on our network!

Faction PvP - This is our funnest server! With faction wars, raiding griefing and stealing you will never run out of things to do! Whether you're a quiet farmer who likes to grow wealth from the land or a PvP mad player who wants to destroy all in your sight this server is for you! Our plugins setup to give our players the best faction experience you can't go wrong with joining us!

To keep our servers as fun as possible, we're constantly updating and improving our plugins to ensure we have the best selection to provide you with the experience that our users want! We are constantly taking suggestions from the community to help us know what YOU want!

We always try to ensure a smooth lag-free environment at all times to improve your game quality aswell as spending every bit of extra money to upgrade and improve the servers to provide all of our users a great gaming experience! To do this we require donations, little or large! Every little bit helps us to make the game better for you, in return you can earn yourself some amazing perks and rewards throughout our servers to improve your day-to-day minecraft life! Offering donor packages from as little as $3 expanding up to $60 you can do what you can to help us all out in the community! Think you can spare a few bucks? Simply go to HERE now to donate, it's always greatly appreciated

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