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We don't really have a server theme or a fancy intro paragraph, all we want to do is just do whatever we want and have fun playing Minecraft. This server was originally just for a few friends to goof around in, but we'd like others to join us as well, so we've opened it up to the public!

Sasland has a few plugins to spice things up like iConomy, mcMMO, and even a separate world,Extreme World, where resources are harder to gather, certain commands are disabled, and even mobs are harder to kill (only for the brave-hearted!). Occasionally we also like to have events and contests that you can enter to win awesome prizes like Donator perks and in-game currency!

Want to play with us? Just read our server rules carefully before joining; if you have any questions, feel free to let us know. Don't forget to sign up on our forum to stay up-to-date with us - we update a lot!

Server Information:

Based in Chicago, Illinois, USA
Intel Xeon Processors (8 core)
5GB of SSD space (will upgrade if needed)
2500 MB+ Dedicated RAM
24/7 Up-time
Server Features:

Anti-grief protection (animals included with Animal Lock)
Chest and door protection (using Lockette)
Warp locations/TPA
Marketplace (uses ChestShop)
PVP (spawn is safe up to 250 blocks with a PVP arena inside spawn).
No factions
Capture the Flag
Separate world: Extreme World, for those who want a challenge!
Events and contests (prizes can be won!)
Rules and How to be a Member:

Don't be a jerk!
No griefing, cheating, or stealing.
No spamming.
No begging (ranks, materials, etc.)
Do not leave 1x1 towers or floating trees.
In a PVP-allowed area (outside of spawn, save for the arena), you can be killed and items can be lost for good.
Items are not refunded if you are killed.
This server is greylisted. Meaning, all players who join for the first time will be a Guest rank until they are promoted to Member by a Mod or Admin.
While you are a guest, you will not have permissions to build or interact.
Once promoted, you are welcome to look for a location to build and ask an Admin to protect your property.
A more in-depth explanation of our rules can be found here. Make sure you take the time to review them carefully!

We do have an in-game jail (yes, a jail) and will put you in "time out" for 10-15 minutes for the first few offenses, so everyone can laugh at you.

Repeat offenses will result in a 1-3 day suspension and then ultimately a permanent ban. Spamming/advertising, begging, etc. will automatically get you permanently banned.

Server Forum:


sasofrass2 (age: 20)


Creeto (age: 23)

Polarthief (age: 22)

Darkheated666 (age: 21)


SevenCrickets (age: 19)

Server IP:

Server Status:


**We also have some awesome perks for those who donate; so if you enjoy playing with us, please consider donating to keep the server up and running!

Click here to find out how to donate and see what you get in return.**

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