This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Norse Realms



Norse Realms is an international Minecraft server where people from all over the world are willing to play on. We ensure that all players have a brilliant experience with something new that they have never experienced before. We offer the players a Multiworld based on the Norse mythology with all the different worlds. Our Gameplay is based on many well-known plugins such as Factions, Essentials and much more. To start with all players get to choose their own class whether it would be Viking, Archer or Mage. The players would roam around the untouched land and seek to build a village, or even an empire! They will choose a usable land plot and start to build their mighty faction there. They collect resources and trade items with other players or they could even set up an auction. To earn crowns, which are the currency in this server, they’ll need to sell items at the market, auction items or even do quests which will be given out by NPC’s all over the map! But, every player must watch out to get killed, there are many opponents


Do not troll other players or flame them in any way
Do not use hacked clients or any kind of disadvantages clients
You are not allowed to ask for ranks or any other disadvantages
Do not abuse bugs or undone work in anyway, kindly report them on forums.
Raidinig and griefing is allowed as long as its not the server towns, spawn and structures.

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