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About us:
Our Server Owners have over 2 YEARS worth of experience in Playing Minecraft. We aim to give this
experience in a new Minecraft server, with CrystalBattle you get the best of Both worlds! We have Factions installed but if your someone who likes the gameplay of Factions but the Feel of Survival, you came to the right place. Survival servers I find are usually alot more proffesional so I decided to give you a Factions server, but it has the Profesional feel to!

About our Owners:
Both our Owners come from the Wales in a county called "Pembrokshire". We where born and raised in Wales (Sounds really cheesy xD). We are both in Year 8 in our local comprehensive. We are lovely lads ;D

Why should I join?:
Okay so you know stuff about us but why should you join? What Benefits do you give?
All our staff have to be hand-picked, once they submit a app it is up to the Owners to decide if they are right for
the Job! We also have custom ranks, meaning unlike most other servers there are Member, Vip, Mod etc. We
have unique ranks like CrystalHugger, CrystalRunner etc. This gives a distinct value to our server.

Age appropriate?:
We try to offer a environment appropiate for all ages, granted you might get the odd bad person who is spoiling it for everyone. But if someone is Bullying/Swearing or anything like that then they will be given 2 Warnings, after that it is a ban. Regardless if it was him/her who started the argument.

Our Community is kept under control by:

There Job is to make sure:
No Bullying
No Swearing (Tiny little bit of lee way)
Friendly and supportive environment

Currently I am just setting up the PayPal so you should be able to donate in a day to a week.
Our lowest Rank is going to be £4, but you can buy Misc items like Spawners Etc.

Yes, we have a Minecraft Forums at the moment until our donations can be enough to
buy a domain name and html/css hosting.
Please use this for now:

We want to create a enjoyable experience for players AND staff alike.


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