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What is WaroZ?

WaroZ is a server where you are free to come along, with your friends, to have a great time. We have a great, fun community of players, in which you are sure to get along with. The server is based on Factions, Raiding, PvP and Mini-games.
WaroZ is 24/7 and we are very dedicated. Our staff team will always be happy to help and answer questions that may be troubling you.

Server Features

To ensure you have the best of a time at WaroZ, we do our best to include many interactive activities that players will enjoy. This includes; Parkour, Paintball and Spleef. Our mini-games usually have a prize involved, whether that be Money, or Diamonds!
WaroZ is mainly a Factions / PvP/ Raid server. Factions is a big deal on the server, as everyone teams up with friends, to become the most powerful clan there can be. We have a leveling system, which racks up your kills to signify how many players you've defeated. Our shop is also based on enchantments, so you won't have to worry about enchantment books and XP. It's now extremely simple to put enchants on tools and weapons. WaroZ is fully 24/7, so you'll never have to worry about what time to get on.

Mini-Game Info

Spleef: The aim to win Spleef is to take out the ground beneath your opposition. If a player is to fall down through a hole, it usually ends up in death. If you win our Spleef, you are awarded with some spending money.

Paintball: Paintball is usually played in a Team Deathmatch style. There are two teams, who are up against each other. The first team to wipe out the other, wins. There is in-game paintball money, with which you can buy airstrikes and grenades, which enhances the game.

Parkour: Our Parkour course is a certainly a challenge for some. Will you be able to defeat it? The prize is a stack of Diamonds!

Additional Info

Voting is extremely helpful towards the server, and all of us are very grateful towards you taking the time to do so. If you wish to vote for our server, Please go to this link;
When you vote with votifier, you will be rewarded with 5 Diamonds and 1000 Spending money! We prefer that if you are going to vote, you definitely do it on PMC, as that is a large majority of MC Players go to find servers.


WaroZ uses it's donations plainly to the benefit of the server. We have a range of donation packages (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Obsidian, Diamond), as well as Faction Add-Ons (/fly, /nick, More to be Added soon). Donating on WaroZ benefits you and the server. Depending on what you donate for, you will receive a donation package, that includes exclusive kits, commands and rare items as well as spending money! You can read about donating, in one of the links below!

A Few Links...

Website Link:
Donating Link:
300 Player Capacity

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