This server has been deleted from the list and is available only for archival purposes.
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Welcome to pufferpvp! pufferpvp is a fun faction and pvp server, with no lag, and has many extra plugins and things to do, for a great experience! Griefing/Raiding is allowed, so make sure to protect your bases!

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  1. Griefing/raiding is allowed, including TNT cannons
  2. No spamming
  3. Be respectful to other players (no racism!)
  4. Limit the AMOUNT OF CAPS YOU USE.
  5. No raging about getting raided/killed.
  6. Limit swearing.
  7. No hacked clients or cheat mods like Xray.

Why us? Here's some information about why you should play on MoonRaid:

We have many plugins, including Factions, ObsidianDestoryer, Playerheads, Pvtimer, and floAction. Do /f for faction help.
We have mature and reliable staff. All of us play in survival, so you can raid us, and we can raid you! We get all items without cheating. Apply for staff on the forums, but do not ask us in game. The staff ranks: Pre-Mod, Mod, Admin, Owner, Helper
In game stuff
We have a huge spawn, and have a shop, pvparena, portal room, enchanting room, and more!

More things you should know:
Vote at all the sites once a day for lots of diamonds and money! Use /vote in game.

DONATE! You can donate for ranks, kits, and commands which will give you an advantage over normal players.


Where can I donate?
You can donate with /buy in game, or go on the forums and click the Donate button. Ranks are at /warp ranks in game, or on the forums.

Is raiding allowed?
Yes, raiding/griefing is allowed.

How can I apply for staff?
You can apply for staff on the forums.

Help! There's a hacker!
Message an in game staff member, or report it on the forums. Do not yell out that a person is hacking, or they will stop and we will not be able to punish them.

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