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Hey hello there!

Today I'd like to introduce my fresh server called ChillCraft. This is my very first server and it just got online 3/4 days ago because I was sick of servers shutting down etc.

This is basically what I always wanted to make and I'm searching for people that think alike. It's a Semi-Vanilla server with literally NO game altering plugins, such as Factions etc., and there will never be. The only plugin that could affect gameplay a little bit is the GriefProtection which gives you the opportunity to protect your precious property.

Other than that PvP is enabled (outside of the spawn, of course) griefing is allowed (if you don't protect your property with the golden shovel, that's your problem) and the couple of people that are currently playing are really cool and very friendly.
If you're looking for this kind of server I'm sure you'll enjoy it, currently I'm the only staff member and I won't be giving out any stuff nor will I enable other staff to be able to abuse their powers. IF I pick staff this will be done by myself and you'll be asked to become one, I will not accept applications. If you're nice, friendly, active and you know a thing about Minecraft you'll already be considered quite quickly.


  • No cursing/ranting
  • Just chill
  • Don't make random buildings and abandon them. Either finish or destroy them.
  • Do not use mods or cheat for an unfair advantage, we've got AntiCheat and I will find you, and I will kill you (Liam Neeson,
  • Have fun!
  • This is a simplistic server, don't suggest any additional plugins that affect gameplay because it won't happen. Any other
    suggestions, however, are greatly appreciated!

Hope to see you on ChillCraft: just minecraft, but with friends!
OWNER: EpicTeehee

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