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VixenishPVP 2.0 - A classical factions experience


We are VixenishPVP. A server driven by nothing but its players and the support they give. We as staff members and developers, feel that it is important for us to listen your comments, questions, and concerns about the server. Our server currently is a pvp server based off the Factions plugin. Many are already familiar with it and know its potential. We bring a unique aspect to the world of factions on Next by having custom coded plugins to trick out our server to our player's desire. A big part of Vixenish is giving our default or normal players the most benefit we can. As most servers, we do offer donation packages that you can purchase but we strive to make it as fair and non-pay-to-win as possible. To do this we offer our default players a number of features to help them achieve amazing feats in the world of factions. Here is a short list of some of the features we have to offer as a server.

? 2 set-homes for Default players
? Player points plugin that allows for easy enchanting for all players
? Breakable obsidian with TNT
? Player based Auctions
? /wild command for easier traveling
? mcMMO excluding the PvP based skills
? 5 Minute God Apple cool-downs
? Highly efficient combat logging plugin to prevent any sort of attempt to log in pvp
? Unbreakable Anvils for easy use and cleaner bases
? Events such as Koth hosted daily
? Anti-glitch plugins to prevent glitches such as tp glitching and duping
? Unique crates plugin that offers amazing rewards
? Player heads dropped after each death a trophy for you kill
? SilkSpawners, Crates, MCMMO, FloAuction and Trails are our featured plugins
? Custom plugins introducing custom smelting, crafting recipes and mob drops!

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