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We are Pleasant Crafty. But what is Pleasant Crafty might you ask? Pleasant Crafty is a small community of players who enjoy the feel of survival with friendly members and staff.

"Oh great, another factions server" some may have asked yourself. Well no, we are not.
We are your normal survival multiple player with a few plugins and mingames to keep things interesting.
If you are looking for a new server with great people to play along side with then Pleasant Crafty is the place you need to be.

We are always expanding and improving our server too. We, the staff, listen to what the members have to say
and want to see on the server. If they want a new minigame, we give them a new minigame, if they want a new
plugin, then we will do our best to put in into action.
The way I see it is admin and staff don't own the server, the members do. Without members we wouldn't have a server
and by giving the audience what they want, we feel that it is a great place to start on a new adventure.

Server IP:

Server rules:

  1. Respect Everyone
  2. Listen To Staff
  3. No Server Advertising
  4. No PVP in Overworld
  5. Use ONLY Allowed mods
  6. No Griefing/Trolling
  7. No Asking For Ranks
  8. No Spamming
  9. No Exploit Of Any Bugs

Some of our plugins are as follow:

  • BOSEconomy
  • LWC
  • Votifier
  • and more!

Some of our mingames include:

  • TNTrun
  • PvP arena
  • Lava Wars
  • Death Cube
  • Casharena
  • Mobarena

Other Features include:

  • Our own website (
  • Our own Forums
  • Friendly community members
  • Excellent staff members
  • Antigrief plugins
  • A plaza where players can buy shops

So this list seems small, right? Well yes but that's the beauty of it all. We are trying to be as
close to vanilla Minecraft as possible while still making it fun and wanting people to come back for more.
We are still developing the server so as said above, we are going to be bringing more and more in and only get

What have you got lose? You came this far to read the description so why not come on today and meet the folks over
at Pleasant Crafty?

Regarding the recent EULA change, we have our own special way of repaying the donators of the server which still
makes it a fun and fair place for all players to play. Stop wasting time and join us today! We look forward to seeing you.

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