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The BrotherBand Logo

The BrotherBand Logo

As of Halloween 2015, the BrotherBand survival server will be launching! This process is fairly simple and low key, but it will be the beginning of a much greater movement toward a network designed 'by players, for players.' With the opening of the survival server, BrotherBand is plugged on server-listing sites, and is open to the general public. At this point, voting opens, followed shortly by a donation store.

Donations are accepted through the website as well, and NONE of them are currently being pocketed. Every last penny of your support is funneled back into the server to upgrade, support, promote, and ultimately fund the server and it's adjoining facilities. Donating rewards players with ingame items, permissions, and perks of all types.

The Plan:
The survival server is just the beginning. Eventually, and with enough support from players, BrotherBand will transform into a network: A connected set of server on which players can have fun in different gamemodes, across what will eventually be four servers. Survival and factions being the only definite servers to come. The other two servers can be anything! When the survival and factions servers are finished, the decision of server types will be left to players. Maintaining a community focus, even across a network of so many servers, will be BrotherBand's prioroty. It is, after all, support from players that keeps the server running.

As with any new tech, there will be bugs. While BrotherBand staff will attempt to keep this to a minimum, some errors will innevitably slip through the cracks. Players can report such errors in the forums, under the 'bugs' topic, and will often be rewarded for doing so. On the other hand, abuse of a bug may result in repremandation, and even a ban depending on it's severity (that goes for you, Bobby). Please bear with us as we fix glitches when they occur, and be patient. There is alot to do.

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