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Hello Everyone!
I am one of the owners for The Guilds of War and I am personally Welcoming all of you to the Guilds of War Minecraft Server!
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The server is amazing and glorious for every new player. We have 4 different types of servers for you all to join.

First off let me direct you to each server we currently have connected with bungee!

Have your own personal island, great for a summer minecraft getaway, where you can build to your hearts desire with the basic building blocks of minecraft: Sand,Dirt,Water,lava,Seeds, and trees! The server has custom mob farms and an amazing compact PVP area, with a fairly amazing market to boot! Enjoy the sights of the spawn, or go hermit yourself on your personal island. You may also of course join or invite others to islands! WOW!

Who can go wrong with a little violence, explosions and teaming up against others in a battle to claim land and kill people? No one that's who! :D We have custom spawns, Custom plugins and of arena of the Gods(You can be a God yes.)! Enjoy this server while going all out with friends and family in this amazing world, Where the map will always be your battlefield!

Building is fun in survival, but why not be "creative" about it...Horrid pun I know, But why not build without having to sit there and gather so many materials in order to build a masterpiece? If you want you can always post your magnificent work of art on our forums, have people rate it and comment on it! Show the world(of Guilds of War) your beautiful works of art in your own personalized PLOT!

Of course you want to be like survivor man, But you don't want any plugins bothering you about having to vote, earn money, or even just asking you how your day was? Then why not go to survival? it's a vanilla status of game, but with your friends able to join up and gather materials, Use this as your own personal server!

Our motto: "We strive to give every player the happiness that a game should be, So why not give the gamers what they want? A game..."

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